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Development and Production for Film, TV and Video


Alpine Light Media is a multi-faceted development and production company.

On one side, we develop and produce narrative and documentary projects for film, TV and SVOD. We take ideas and run with them, focusing on meaningful work that exists at the intersection of Art and Commerce. Our production company is young, but our team is an incredible mix of veterans from Cinema, TV and Finance.

On the other side, we are also a full-service Corporate Media Production company, able to deliver any kind of content for either B2C or B2B communications: messaging videos, custom short films, speeches, branding and web design, all under one roof.

Behind both divisions is a strong team of artists and financiers – people who know how to tell stories, and how to get those stories produced in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our mission is to create wonderful work with meaning to serve whatever audience is appropriate for that work – whether it’s a multi-national audience of paying cinema-goers or a small team of sales agents at your company.

Our Team

Jonathan Light

Executive Producer, Founder

Before starting Alpine Light Media in 2013, Jon served as a Producer and Director with Yahoo! Studios’ Original Content division for five years. He has been an actor, writer, producer, director and editor on projects large and small.

Peter Wortmann

Script Development

Peter is a 20-year Hollywood veteran who has written multiple projects for producers such as Amblin Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment, as well as developed and written film and TV projects at Universal, Warner Bros., Paramount and Disney.

Snowy Ding

Development Financing

Snowy Ding advises Alpine Light Media on Development Financing and Asian partnerships. She is a Senior Private Wealth Advisor with East West Bank’s Wealth Management Division in New York, where she advises high net-worth individuals and families, as well as companies and foundations on integrated wealth management strategies.

Roni Lagin

Branding and Design

Roni is a seasoned designer and storyteller, specializing in branding, logos, websites, illustration, reports & publications, and print collateral. Visit his website for more information.

Josh Simmons

Director of Photography

Josh has 15 years of experience as a Camera Operator and Director of Photography for all kinds of film, TV and video projects. His client list includes ESPN, HBO, Yahoo and many others.

In Production

 Birth-Gates-PosterBirth At The Gates (based on “A Rainbow in the Clouds” by Noah Kaplinsky.)

Five-Part historical miniseries, based on a true story. Click title for script excerpt.

A young doctor and his wife are separated at the start of World War II. After he barely survives the horrors of the Holocaust and she endures the devastation of the Eastern Front as a stranded refugee with their five-year-old son in tow, they are miraculously reunited four years later…the only surviving members of their families.

Development financing secured – please contact us for more information.







The Dressmaker

Feature-Length biopic. Click title for script excerpt.

The comprehensive biopic of Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager. Jewish and gay when it was hard to be the former and illegal to be the latter, he nevertheless was able to discover and nurture the greatest band in history. His demons of addiction and loneliness, however, would prevent him from seeing just how powerful his legacy was to become.

Development financing secured – please contact us for more information.


“A Dream Fulfilled: 50 Years of Classical Music”

Documentary for television


This celebration of a life in music tells the story of The Philadelphia Orchestra and classical music through the eyes of Herbert Light, a 55-year veteran violinist who joined the Orchestra in 1960.

Production Financing complete, currently in Principle Photography

In Development


Feature-length,  geopolitical comedy. In the near future, a tech-billionaire decides the only way to solve the world’s problems is to invite all the sane people to join a brand new country and declare independence from everyone else – and he has the money, influence and chutzpah to pull it off. The powers-that-be, however, try to stop it before it starts.

The Valley

Political-science-fiction TV series. 200 years in our future, affluent people are implanted at birth with a neurological device that connects to the Internet, while those in poverty remain segregated and unconnected. When a normal man discovers within himself a powerful biological gift that threatens the status quo, he needs to learn to control it before others get to control it for him.

I Am Strong

Feature-length comedy. A driven yet deluded Englishwoman is convinced that Hollywood is just waiting for her. From her childhood home in Essex, she hooks up with a very handsome and gullible rich man in London, and from there gets her foot in the door to the upper-echelon of the British independent film world.  She then proceeds to sabotage every good opportunity that comes her way, while continuing to believe she’s going to be a star. It does not end well for her. [Based on True Events.]


Urban drama TV series.  In the City of Brotherly Love, a Russian-American violinist with a dark past tries to overcome addiction, while his passionate drug counselor struggles with her own demons.

Short-Form and Corporate Media

Alpine Light has worked with several clients across all sectors, producing shorts, promos, brand videos and trailers.

Please scroll down to view our portfolio, and feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We can work with any style of project within any budget.


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